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The solution to deep-box bending is X-Press SuperCustom

Gasparini created the X-Press SuperCustom,
a press brake with extended stroke and daylight.

With SuperCustom you can from even the biggest structures,
with the highest speed and versatility.

X-Press SuperCustom

  • 1300-mm daylight and 900-mm tool adapters
    bend boxes up to 600-mm deep
  • 400-mm stroke
    extract pieces easily
  • Active real-time crowning
    straight profiles with any material
  • 3D file import and 2D blank output
    a bridge between design and other machinery
  • AirSlide sliding tool adapters and clamping
    quick and flexible tooling
  • ECO/ECO+ package
    increase speed and reduce consumption
  • GPS4 angle control
    accurate bends on the first try
  • Wireless foot pedal
    no cables on the floor
  • Assistance and connectivity
    with our Service, you’re in good hands
  • Any tonnage and size
    up to 2500 tons/14 m and beyond
  • Custom daylights and strokes
    tailored to your needs
  • Industry 4.0 Ready
    data analysis and predictive maintenance

Your production is unique, and your tools must be made to measure.
Don’t settle for a standard press brake, choose a SuperCustom!