KMP25DS-FT (return type)

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High efficiency · High production · High precision ·
Continuous work possible even by one person · New model panel vendor

KMP25DS-FT is a compact panel vendor with return table specifications for loading and unloading of workpiece (work) in the same direction. The next material can be set in the lower stage of the return table while the work is being machined, and the product after the bending process flows to the upper stage of the return table and is carried out. Even one person can work continuously, the operating time is improved by about 40% compared with the conventional machine.


  • Return RETURN

    Easy to work with even one person, “Improve productivity” “to save labor” realized

  • High productivity HIGH PRODUCTIVITY

    Pursuit of cost performance by shortening operating time

  • Flexible FLEXIBLITY

    Suitable for multi-product small volume production according to production line

  • High performance HIGH PERFORMANCE

    It is possible to process as it is without setting up the mold even for advanced complicated shapes such as R-bending, Hemming bending, closing, step bending etc. that can not be done with conventional machines

  • High precision HIGH-PRECISION

    It is easy to correct with AC servomotor drive and demonstrates high precision processing capability


    Supports energy saving by using all-axis AC servomotor that does not use any hydraulic pressure

  • Automatic AUTOMATIC

    Supports production system by evolving to automation with value added functions such as automatic mold change

  • Easy EASY

    In-house developed programming is easy to use, it is necessary to enter numerical value on the touch panel to automatically calculate · process operation

  • Overview Specification

    Applicable work size: ~ 2500 mm Applicable
    material: SPCC max 2.3 t SUS 430 max 1.5 t