ISEO Laser cut from coil

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ISEO Laser leverages Produtech experience in the field of coil-sheet processing – which has been reached through a long-time experience in automatic punching lines manufacturing – and increases its application potential. Beside their traditional advantages, like high productivity, optimum material usage, and better and more flexible management of produced details, ISEO applies the innovative characteristics of the fiber laser technology to the continuous cutting of a wide materials range, including high-reflectance materials (like bronze, copper, brass and aluminium). So, this machine enhances the coil-processing concept because laser cuts faster with reference to punching machines, keeping a considerable production autonomy thanks to the continuous feeding and optimum management of cut parts unload.
Moreover, fiber laser usage is very easy (it does not require an optical path for conveying the ray into the area), so the assembly inside the machine is simpler and maintenance costs are eliminated (there are no focal lenses getting dirty and wearing). Maintenance elimination implies money savings, a factor contributing to a remarkable reduction in energy consumption if compared with CO2 lasers. Then, there are operative advantages that are less visible but still very important, like the fact that, in case of low-thickness materials (typical of insulation and tinsmiths sectors, for which ISEO was created at first), the fiber laser activates the cutting procedure in a better way, runs faster and cuts lots of different materials.