ALPI coil punching machine, mod. ESA

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The Cut / punching from coils of ESA series of innovative punching machines, which allow you to work directly from coil ensuring high productivity. The interpolation of the movements of the machine – the sheet feed, transverse movement of the heads and rotation of the multitool with all the work tools – allows you to trim directly from coil any form or geometric shape of the metal elements (iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum) and non-metallic (PVC, nylon, teflon). Furthermore, it is possible to realize any hole, slot and notching punch through (for small machining) or nibbling (for large processing). Through appropriate “deformation” tool, you can pin items handled with your own logo, create dimples, vents, forming ribs and small edges, draw references to folds: production – even cutting – performed with mechanical tools do not affect surface finish of the machined material. Enslaving the machine with multiple modular unwinders, it is possible to work with different types of sheet metal. In addition, the ability to cut from coils complex parametric shapes that make up curves sectors, grafts, hoppers and dished ends (pre-painted, aluminum, steel or copper AISI) makes the Cut / coil punching ESA series an ideal plant for duct makers, coibentatori and tinsmiths. This system is perfectly able to replace traditional machinery such as punching, cutting lines, fish cutter and machines with plasma cutting, without the need of previously cutting the sheet-metal clips, loaded and unloaded from the work surface. The ability to load different programs, the power supply coil and the automatic unloading of the produced pieces and scraps allow the system to work continuously, without supervision.

power: 380 V – 50 Hz three phase + T
Engines: brushless motors, linear and torque
Command: CNC
Number of working tools: # 6; indexing stations, with automatic transmission
Working width: From 500 mm to 1500 mm
working thickness: Max. 1.5 mm in carbon steel; Max. 1 mm stainless steel
Manpower: 4 tons